Episode 316: ‘Ducks, Drugs and Arseholes’

Ducks, drugs, arseholes, we’ve got it all in this highly charged and morally suspect episode. Now, what’s all this about ‘Rubber Bollocks’..?

Episode 315: ‘World Of Stupid’

In this think-tank of drug and booze-soaked opinions we get rather cross with the state of politics in England… Then Gatford turned up and we all smiled, albeit…

Episode 314: ‘Artisan Bollocks’

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Episode 313: ‘The Lipstick Routine’

A sneaky episode, recorded before Kat appeared in all his turgid glory. Davian and Dom have a wee chat about vaping, cola & Mentos, glue factories, music and…

Episode 312: ‘Bum Carrots’

Davian is grumpy because he’s back from holiday. Dom’s on night shift and not present. Kat’s had car trouble and is not happy. Despite all this, much fun…

Episode 311: ‘Singing Rule Britannia (While the Walls Close In)’

Boobs and politics. There, that’s what is in the show. There’s other stuff too, like Marmite (yay!) vs Vegemite (boo!), but I can’t be arsed to list it…

Episode 310: ‘Dogging For Jesus’

Davian, Kat and Dom discuss dogging, rip-off cinemas, porno mags and of courae, your letters!

Episode 309: ‘Pen Island’

The show notes have been so heavily censored we have had to remove them. What a cunt.

Episode 308: ‘La Bière’

There are no show notes that could adequately describe the nonsense spoken on this episode. So, no show notes. Sit down, relax, remove clothes and enjoy.