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Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

Cost including shipping for UK and Ireland is £14.99, for international orders the cost including shipping is £19.99.
Don’t forget to state your address and size (for kids, state the age) requirements to the ‘purpose’ /  ‘add special instructions to recipient’ section in PayPal…
If you want to buy one of these then please do so via the ‘support the show’ button: 

Other ways to help and support the show? You can help here in a variety of ways, such as donating to the show via this lovely PayPal button:

Lastly, why not submit a £5er? We will read out anything (that won’t get us sued), it could be a plug for your podcast or business, or just a message telling us how wonderful we are.

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  1. Hey Nob’eds! I think I may have a mixture of the coronavirus and dysentry (stay erect and in hand if you can) and I have been listening to the podcasts after a ‘book club’ cohort referred it to me. It’s fairly cheered me up as I struggle to find the strength to rub one off so thanks. Now I am not a massive fan of reality cooking TV shows due to how conveniently screen reader all the cunts on it are but I thought this was worth flagging to you. Basically I have found Nick Griffin hiding on an Aussie show called Zumbo’s just desserts on Netflix and despite masquerading as a foreigner (not his usual shtick I am sure you will agree) . Just watch season 1 Ep1 and laugh at how much Nick (aka ‘Peter’) is a completely loser bastard who berates himself in the most delicious way after every inevitable error he makes. Watch and let me know your thoughts

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