What is #PodSwap?

In a nutshell, we will be doing your show for you for one episode only. We will send you the audio, and you put it out as your next show. You do the same for us.

We’d advise you at least check out an episode of ours before recording your version, and bear in mind we do like to have 3 regular items in the show:
1. News – No prizes for guessing what this is for.
2. £5ers – This is where people can send in (via the Support the show page) a letter, advert for a business or frankly anything for us to read out. Anything that doesn’t break libel and slander laws, of course.
3. Darwin Awards – We like to pick one of two items from the Darwin Awards site and have a chuckle).

So, get involved, for further information get in touch here..!