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Episode 276: ‘Zero Gravity Points’

Chaos. No words to describe the audio bukkake on this episode other than COMPLETE CHAOS. Let’s face it though, you love it.

Episode 275: ‘Not Even A Proper One’

Davian presents another late night edition with some right proper geezers, namely Booze, Pablo, Hannah and (briefly) Belasco.

Episode 274: ‘All Apologies’

This, dear listener, is a massive mess… LIFE and TECHNOLOGY conspired against EVERYONE, and all that is left is the audio equivalent of well I don’t know what,…

Episode 273: ‘Baby Shark’

Davian’s hungover and can’t stop picking his nose. Sam’s smitten with Baby Shark and Kat has a head like a fucking potato. An extraordinarily sexy potato, mind.

Episode 272: ‘Eat The Big Finger’

Despite it NOT BEING A PROPER EPISODE, Davian and Hannah ‘Han-Hans’ chat about books, hair, bums, pubes, TV, minges, things, balls and stuff n shit.

Episode 271: ‘Space Shit’

The gang get annoyed with the new Skype client and Kat’s internet connection has gone tits up and Sam has discovered “Iced Wine”. It’s wine with ice in,…

Episode 270: ‘Rub Some Bacon On It’

Davian indulges in another late night session with Pablo, Hannah and Dana to talk about superhero powers, drugs, funeral songs and other crap. One of them eats some…

Episode 269: ‘The Other Ting-Tong’

Davian, Kat and Sam are back from their summer holidays to discuss buying crap from dodgy adverts on Facebook, social media noise, squeezing zits and stealing pizza.

Episode 268: ‘Own Goal’

In this smorgasbord of bad words and things, Kat, Sam and Davian tackle the World Kicky Ball Championships and discuss ways of improving it.