Frequent Asked Questions…

Q. Who are ‘Benjamin and Benjamin’..?
A. These are the generic names given to Davian’s offspring. He wouldn’t want you horrible fuckers knowing their real ones.

Q. Does Davian really have rickets..?
A. No, but he does suffer from avascular necrosis.

Q. How tall is Kat..?
A. Considerably shorter than Davian.

Q. Did ex co-host and co-founder Bonn Voyage really steal a microphone off Kat..?
A. No, not all. He did however leave the show shortly after Kat sent him one, which in our book is comedy fodder. We love Bonn.

Q. What is the correct ratio of baked beans to toast for the perfect beans on toast?
A. Just enough so that they fall off the side of the toast.

Q. Is it wrong to put ketchup on tomatoes..?
A. Yes, very much so, unless you’re American, but then I guess there would be a         layer of cheese between the tomatoes and tomato ketchup anyway.