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Episode 286: ‘So Long, and Thanks for All the Pish’

In this aural equivalent of getting fingerbanged by an elephant we discuss parenting, Mein Kamp, Bandersnatch, Kat’s broken hand, crap word-play, and the departure of Sam.

Episode 285: ‘Stuff The Turkey’

In this festive serving of audio bukkake, Davian and Kat discuss death, alcohol, politics, language, babysitting and WHERE THE HELL IS SAM??!

Episode 284: ‘Mr Whippy’

Davian is having problems with the contents of his wallet vanishing, Sam’s celebrating Pepero Day and Kat is obsessed with the art of gargoyling.

Episode 283: ‘So Long And Thanks For All The Poutine’

Davian has a chat with the wonderful Monica Hamburg about booze, blues, depression, dreams, being young and the life of a comic. Special guests are background hiss and…

Episode 282: ‘Dirty Bastard Pervert Twat’

Bullying, battery-powered goods, sex pests, PE teachers and computer games fall under the (un)steady and critical gaze of Davian, Kat and Sam.

Episode 281: ‘Quim Gin’

Davian waxes lyrical with Gatford and Hannah about bad dates, gin, Iain Lee, wills, politics and other ball-pizzle. We get rudely interrupted by the wonderful Dana, who might…

Episode 280: ‘Arse Like A Hippo’

Davian and Kat chat about downstairs hair, cold food, meth-heads, daylight savings, freebies, and where the hell is Sam..??! Shout-out to Her Ladyship Von Asda aka Sandra Penver…

Episode 279: ‘Sick’

The terrible trio are back to hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du. We discuss illness, floods, jizz and Brexit. Loads of fun! And don’t forget, kids –…

Episode 278: ‘Advertisement’

This episode was brought to you by the word ‘flange’. We’ve not done a PROPER one in a while because of THINGS so here’s another late night Friday…