Episode 197: ‘Childhood Memories’

Davian wants to take Sam to a sexy picnic, Sam has some very crap jokes, and Kat has a dildo fixation.


Episode 196: ‘A Trolley Full Of Vegetables’

In which our heroes attempt to come up with a great new show for television. Also, we have a pineapple, we have a pen, ugh, pineapple pen. Beardo…


Episode 195: ‘Chaos Down Under’

Chaos reigns supreme as Stu Buckland from top Aussie Comedy Podcast ‘What A Pair Of Trousers’ joins Kat and Davian in this extra special serving of aural insanity.


Episode 194: ‘Vaginarse’

Kat and Davian get down and chat about stuff and shit. Stuff’s great, isn’t it..?

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

Episode 193: ‘Spam Fritters’

Davian chats music, babies, Iain Lee, sitcoms and the joy of podcasting with Iain Lee fan and music aficionado Tristram.

Baby with a sad expression on his face and heart shaped catch lights in his eyes representing love.  Isolated on Black.

Episode 192: ‘That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore’

Radio messages from space, shopping with kids, love bites and a bumper crop of BAD JOKES feature in this latest episode. We also discover that Sam hates feet.


Episode 191: ‘A Bit Of Filth’

Joining Davian on this fine episode of filth is long time collaborator on The Bitter Sound, Matt Bubbles. Also on the line is Katherine Boyle, the producer of…


Episode 190: ‘Suck This, It’s Fowl’

Insert meaningful and/or hilarious summary of the episode here.


Episode 189: ‘Quiz Time..!’

Kat’s still looking for ‘a spare’, Sam drank all her boyfriend’s beer and Davian’s got a new job. They attempt a quiz.