Episode 122: ‘Drop Dead Dad’

Davian and Kat discuss friend chicken, sexy time in cars, and Kat discovering his Dad recently died. Don’t worry, it’s dead funny.


Episode 121: ‘The Royal & Doodall Tribute Show’

Former co-host Bonn Voyage joins Davian in the studio for a few brews and a chat about talking planets, internet memes, the musical curry chart and dead celebrities….


Episode 120: ‘The Hymen Lick Manoeuvre’

In this festival of bad karma we have “Dr” Ben Wiggins from top Australian comedy podcast ‘What A Pair Of Trousers’ and discuss lager, home delivery groceries, time…



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TENERIFE, SPAIN - UNDATED: Tracie Steele, daughter of Gordon, 74, and Marie, 70, gets a stripper for her 50th birthday party in Tenerife, Spain.

Cheap booze, karaoke and late-night clubbing – Tenerife has always been a haven for thousands of young Brits. But now the Spanish party isle is attracting a different kind of visitor – pensioners who see retirement as a chance to live it large. Every year tens of thousands of wrinkly ravers head to Tenerife to escape the UK’s miserable weather. And they’re blowing their pension, children’s inheritance, and even their winter fuel allowance on partying like teenagers. 

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Episode 119: ‘Intoxicated Buffoonery’

In this melting pot of drunkenness and outspoken ideas, Davian gets upset about clickbait websites and Minions, Charlie gets on another rant and Kat tries to hold it…


Episode 118: ‘Shakira Law’

Our four heros are back together and attempt to tackle the stupid so you don’t have to. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan…


Episode 117: ‘The Trouble With Cushions’

Charlie returns with tales of his exploits at a rock festival and Davian gets very cross with cushions. Oh yeah, and we lost the last 10 minutes of…


Episode 116: ‘Ape Wankers’

In a change to the norm, Kat and Davian record at a time more suitable for the Aussie mouthpiece to enjoy a brew or two. Naturally Kat gets…


Episode 115: ‘Fackin’ Nobbo’

Former Strange Times co-founder and creator of The Bonn & Obo Show ‘Bonn Yoyage’ returns to see what Davian and Kat have been doing since his last appearance…


Episode 114: ‘Don’t Stand So Klaus To Me’

A full house on this episode with all four members of Team Strange Times tackling the world stupid so you dont have to. Heroes they are to each…