Episode 271: ‘Space Shit’

The gang get annoyed with the new Skype client and Kat’s internet connection has gone tits up and Sam has discovered “Iced Wine”. It’s wine with ice in,…

Episode 270: ‘Rub Some Bacon On It’

Davian indulges in another late night session with Pablo, Hannah and Dana to talk about superhero powers, drugs, funeral songs and other crap. One of them eats some…

Episode 269: ‘The Other Ting-Tong’

Davian, Kat and Sam are back from their summer holidays to discuss buying crap from dodgy adverts on Facebook, social media noise, squeezing zits and stealing pizza.

Episode 268: ‘Own Goal’

In this smorgasbord of bad words and things, Kat, Sam and Davian tackle the World Kicky Ball Championships and discuss ways of improving it.

Episode 267: ‘Further Adventures Behind The Bike Sheds’

Davian and Hannah discuss the science of sex and drugs and twitter, with special guests Monica Hanburg from Craigslost and Dr Norman Trousers from The Casa Mirth Podcast.

Episode 266: ‘A Quiet Night In’

Sam’s been drinking all day, so it gets a bit messy. In spite of the chaos we manage to discuss vegan food, muscle memory, ruining kids lives, Poundland,…

Episode 265: ‘Asparagus’

Well, this one got rather lively… Davian hooks up with some drunken sods to talk about disappointing films and old TV games shows, amongst other things… Special guests:…

Episode 264: ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’

In this decidedly off-colour episode, Samantha answers some of your questions, Davian is in an excitable mood and Kat got his balls wet on holiday. This episode is…

Episode 263: ‘Chicken’

Sharks. Are they just really pissed off dolphins? This and other questions are not discussed in this bloody episode.