Episode 118: ‘Shakira Law’

Our four heros are back together and attempt to tackle the stupid so you don’t have to. Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan…


Episode 117: ‘The Trouble With Cushions’

Charlie returns with tales of his exploits at a rock festival and Davian gets very cross with cushions. Oh yeah, and we lost the last 10 minutes of…


Episode 116: ‘Ape Wankers’

In a change to the norm, Kat and Davian record at a time more suitable for the Aussie mouthpiece to enjoy a brew or two. Naturally Kat gets…


Episode 115: ‘Fackin’ Nobbo’

Former Strange Times co-founder and creator of The Bonn & Obo Show ‘Bonn Yoyage’ returns to see what Davian and Kat have been doing since his last appearance…


Episode 114: ‘Don’t Stand So Klaus To Me’

A full house on this episode with all four members of Team Strange Times tackling the world stupid so you dont have to. Heroes they are to each…


Episode 113: ‘The Large Hadron Colander’

Davian and Kat go balls deep into science amongst other things with a little help from their friends Danny The Fridge and Bobby The Brick.


Episode 112: ‘Pigs Expressed’

Kat and Davian give the squabbling kids a night off and wax lyrical about whatever takes their fancy. Special guests are Her Ladyship Von Asda and Mistress Lisa…


Episode 111: ‘A Flock Of Arseholes’

Korean flashers, erotic ferrets, panda monkeys and Hitler ice cream and and the burgeoning love-hate relationship between Samantha & Charlie all come under the comedy microscope on this…


Episode 110: ‘The Racist Olive’

So what happened in this smörgåsbord of politically incorrect comedy chat? Well, Davian’s been up for 48 hours and it shows, Kat almost died, Sam is very distracted…

Sandra Penver 2

Episode 109: ‘A Town Called Asda’

Davian and Kat are joined on this show by the wonderful and beguiling Her Ladyship Von Asda.


Episode 108: ‘The Relentless Bottom’

Davian and Kat chew that fat and receive a call from a very drunk listener. There’s another episode of The Bill Show and to top it off Bobby…


Episode 107: ‘Rant In A Flat’

Davian is very cross. Very cross and very drunk. Why? Because the bloody Conservative Party won the election, that’s why. It’s a good job the rest of his…


Episode 106: ‘The Full Benny’

Ace stand-up comedian and Podcheese co-host Benny Michaels drops by to have a long overdue chat with Davian in this departure from the regular Strange Times show format….


Episode 105: ‘Dildo Fish’

This episode is tinged with a hint of sadness, as it is the last episode on RadioFUBAR. We laugh, we cry, Davian gets a news story all wrong…


Episode 104: ‘Steel Vaginas’

Kat and Davian get together to wax lyrical about stuff and shit.


Episode 103: ‘A Sloppy Pussy’

The fearless foursome (minus Charlie this week) battle with the news and stupid people that fill the world. Special appearance this week by Sam’s pussy.


Episode 102: ‘Politic-tick-tick Bang!’

In a break from the usual format, Kat and Davian have a chat and it all gets a bit political and angsty, until they get bored and talk…

black and white men wine beard monochrome drunk james lapett 1280x780 wallpaper_wallpaperswa.com_48

Episode 101: ‘Everything But The Whore’

We say hello to new co-host Samantha Pett from The Kimchi Chronicles… We also get rather rudely interrupted by the boys from the rather excellent Royal & Doodall…


Episode 100: ‘Desperately Seeking Sørens’

Well here it is, the 100th show special, with special guests Travis Clark and Samantha Pett. What a mess! Kat turns up late and still drunk, whilst Davian…


Episode 99: ‘Communication Breakdown’

Bit of a mess, this show… Dodgy internet connectivity wreaking havoc over what is usually such a professional show *cough*.


Episode 98: ‘Chubby Lemonade’

Our intrepid trio discover the joys of PornMD and Chaz is rather the worse for wear. Special guest is Samantha Pett from The Kimchi Chronicles.


Episode 97: ‘Sciencism’

Joining Davian and Kat in this extended episode are Nappier from Wheelbarrow Full Of Dicks and Sam from The Kimchi Chronicles podcasts…


Episode 96: ‘Friends In Low Places’

Well roar up my twat, as someone once said… In this episode the lovely Sam from The Kimchi Chronicles joins Davian and Kat in this show whilst Charlie…


Episode 95: ‘The Return Of Jonathan Toilet’

Technical issues prevent the show from going out live but that doesn’t stop Davian pretending it’s live anyway. Meanwhile, Kat’s still cross at an ex-host’s alleged misappropriation of…


Episode 94: ‘Fish Dogging’

After a short break the boys are back to deal out another slice of politically incorrect pie. The sexual tension between Kat and Charlie also reaches fever pitch…


Episode 93: ‘The Alaskan Pipeline’

In this spectacular audio mess Davian and Kat team up with the team behind top internet radio station RadioFUBAR.


Episode 92: ‘Covered in Sausages’

In this complete sausage fest of bad karma the boys get deep down and dirty with Booze from Sweet Feathery Jesus and Norman Trousers from the Casa Mirth…


Episode 91: ‘Cock Me Dead’

Shit the bed! Our three lost souls appear to have found the show’s lost funny. Either that or the drunken idiot typing this summary is more spaced out…


Episode 90: ‘Kentucky Fried Podcast’

Our three intrepid heroes delve into the world of pornography for the blind, dodgy fast-food franchises and all manner of balls-pizzle.


Episode 89: ‘Putain de merde’

It’s all in the title. Technical woes and blah blah blah…


Episode 88: ‘Angrynews’

Kat, Davian, and plucky young newcomer Charlie cast their eyes and minds over the state of the news and frankly get quite cross with it all. ANGRYNEWS FROM…


Episode 87: ‘Addicted to Charlie’

Here we go again… Davian and Kat decide to lower the average age of the team (and IQ as well, coincidentally) by bringing in some young blood… Welcome,…


Episode 86: ‘Shit Biscuits and the Endless Snake’

In this episode of audio bukakke, our intrepid hosts tackle all the important things in the world that need tackling. Actually, that’s a lie, this show is fucking…


Episode 85: ‘Black Friday Blues’

Star Wars! Cricket! Black Friday! Celebrity named turtles! Lots more exclamation marks!! All these things and more are given a thorough douching by Davian and Kat. Also introducing…


Episode 84: ‘The Difference Between A Duck’

Want a clever, witty summary here? Fancy a bit of biting satire? Well bollocks, you ain’t getting it. Listen to the the filth and audio genius within and…


Episode 83: ‘Radio FUBAR’

They said it couldn’t be done, or rather they said it shouldn’t. Yes that’s right, Davian and Kat have decided to turn Strange Times into a live internet…


Episode 82: ‘The Star Wars Dog’

In this blast of aural delight, Kat and Davian are joined by Belasco from the excellent Sweet Feathery Jesus podcast and also ex co-host Bonn Voyage. A veritable…

clenched fist

Episode 81: ‘Return of The Rigid Fist’

Davian’s currently elsewhere so fellow host and wingman Kat Sorens decides to revive his old show The Rigid Fist for one night only. You lucky people? Special guest…


Episode 80: ‘Asparagus Yoghurt’

Davian’s decided to combat the onset of a ‘black dog’ episode with gin, much to Kat’s chagrin. Hey ho. There are some contributions from some other drunk people…


Episode 79: ‘A Bucket Of Plums’

In this 3rd of three shows to be released in one sitting, Kat and Davian talk utter codswallop with Angus from The Royal and Doodall Show, and are…


Episode 78: ‘The Scotch Connection’

Hot on the heels of epiode 77, Kat and Davian are joined not only by Angus from The Royal & Doodall show but that fine Scottish podcast the…


Episode 77: ‘Fear & Loathing in Las Strange Times’

Jerry’s still AWOL, so Davian recalls a incident in his past (and possibly an apocryphal one, we can never tell) that may at some point have involved a…


Episode 76: ‘Return of the River Pikey’

Chaos ensues in this feast of nonesense… For a start Jerry goes AWOL so Davian and Kat decide to get their mate Nigel in at the last minute….


Epispde 75: ‘Dildo Baggins’

Welcome to the podcast that’s got nice legs, but shame about the face… In this petri dish of combined audio sputum the boys are joined by ex-host and…


Epispde 74: ‘Rice Welding’

One of them’s having an existential crisis, the other one’s loaded on prescription meds, the other one’s Australian. Discussed this week are tv adverts, bad cooking, dreams and…


Epispde 73: ‘Podcasting for the Deaf’

In this week’s load of old budgie’s flip flop, our heroes discuss Facebook wankers, massive underpants, toad mashing and that prick Kayne West. Also, new to the show…


Episode 72: ‘Tramp Rimming’

Dodgy 1970s heavy metal bands, drugs, science and sex with tramps come under the spotlight in this episode of sheer awesome.


Episode 71: ‘The Adventures of Captain Jackoff and The Endless Snake’

On this shining beacon in a desert of podcast drudgery our hosts are joined by the big bad sasquatch himself, Mr Scott Taylor from the Doghouse Bastards Radio…


Episode 70: ‘In Flagrante Delicto’

Who would have believed in the second decade of the 21st century, that podcasts were considered a viable form of entertainment? In this action packed and perfectly formed…


Episode 69: ‘Camp Shit’

Our reluctant heroes return to relative normality in this hilarious-numbered episode.


Episode 68: ‘A Hobbit Revealed’

In this bundle of audio excitement we discover that Kat is in fact a Hobbit from New Zealand. Oh, and the show is cobbled together from various bits…


Episode 67: ‘Up On Blocks With A Squashed Hedgehog’

More utter nonsense from the three fools… In this show Jerry gets quite annoyed with Kat and Davian, and Kat gets the giggles about pretty much everything.


Episode 66: ‘The Three Stooges’

Jerry’s out getting sunburnt at the local Butlins while Kat and Davian are paid a visit by ex co-host Bonn Voyage from the Bonn & Obo Show.


Episode 65: ‘Pod Gods’

This instalment of aural anarchy heralds the arrival of the show on the Pod Gods Network, check out the other fine podcasts on the network at www.podgodsnetwork.com. In…


Episode 64: ‘The Stomach Flute’

Technical problems aside, this glorious episode features one of the host’s wife, gossip about another host’s wife’s lady garden and the debut of a new feature, ‘Bassline Battles’!


Episode 63: ‘Seafood Smoothie’

Jerry is off and away doing something that will no doubt end in disaster so Davian and Kat enlist the services of Stu from the fine podcast What…


Episode 62: ‘Skywalker vs Skywalker’

The likely lads tackle the World Cup, argue about music, and Davian recalls the argument he had with his son over who would be the better Luke Skywalker…


Episode 61: ‘The People’s Poet’

The trio are very saddened at the passing of Rik Mayall, and this was to be a tribute show of sorts. Unfortunately one of the dynamic three got…


Episode 60: ‘Grumpy Old Men’

In this serving of caustic audio chaos, Jerry and Davian find themselves without the presence of Kat. This leaves them rather lacking in the funny department so they…


Episode 59: ‘Kamikaze Piss Thrower’

A wise man once said that “he who piss in wind get his own back”… Well, our plucky threesome are taking a piss right in the face of…


Episode 58: ‘Kicked in the dick’

In this bumper extended episode, Davian decides to get in practice for the following nights trans-Atlantic “Podup” meeting with some “self medication”, much to Jerry and Kat’s amusement….


Episode 57: “Never Mind The Strange Times, Here’s Our Bollocks”

This special episode is a clips show, featuring the best bits of our episodes since Jerry joined as a permanent co-host. Adult themes are discussed, so fucking watch…


Episode 56: ‘Snapped Carrot’

In this audio collision of bad words and suspect opinions, Jerry decides that life without Strange Times is no life at all and makes a rather welcome return……


Episode 55: ‘The Ugly Dildo’

A rather bittersweet episode to say the least… Jerry sends in a voicemail announcing his departure and then ex co-host and co-founder Bonn Voyage calls in and graces…


Episode 54: ‘Against All Pods’

In this pandora’s box of bad language and hilarity, Davian struggles with sobriety, Kat decides that three is not a crowd and Jerry has a major problem with…


Episode 53: ‘Coitus Interruptus’

Oh dear, technical woes beset this week’s blast of anarchy… So, we have an apology from Davian, an intro from Jerry, a bit of the show that was…


Episode 52: ‘A conveyor belt of dog shit’

In this rather elongated episode, our three horsemen of the podcalypse (see what I did there? dead funny) throw their wit, satirical and often misguided views on the…


Episode 51: ‘Shiny Dick’

In this marathon episode of hilarity and apocrypha, we find out how Davian broke his ribs. Will Kat and Jerry offer sympathy and condolences? Will they fuck.


Episode 50: ‘An unholy foursome’

Our intrepid podcasters finally manage to get their 50th show special recorded, and are joined in the studio by ex co-host Bonn Voyage. It gets rather messy, but…

Strange Times - 49.5 part two - The Heywatt Edit

Episode 49.5 part 2: ‘The Heywatt Experience’

The legendary voice that belongs to the body of a man called Bill Heywatt is with us in this show. Unfortunately, a repeat of previous technical gremlins results…


Episode 49: ‘The Adventures Of Jonanthan Toilet’

Ladies and gentlemen, Messrs Dent, Sorens and T’Waht present to you, a veritable smörgåsbord of audio chaos and questionable discussion… Folks, listener discretion is very much advised on this…


Episode 48: ‘You Scratch My Back, I’ll Suck You Off’

My word, all manner of topics are crammed into this particular comedy suicide vest. Racism, Davian’s confession of not having seen ‘Breaking Bad’, Nigerian fraudsters, thalidomide… I could go on…


Episode 47: ‘Mahatma Leek’

Jerry, Kat and Davian return with another helping of ill-advised opinion and politcally incorrect banter. There are no taboos and the lines of taste and decency are fairly…


Episode 46: ‘Sucking Up Cotton’

Chaos abounds in this latest outing for the likely lads… Jerry gets very cross about fools on Twitter and the show gets pleasantly interupted not only by Cassandra…


Episode 45: ‘Spazzy Cleric ’

In this super extended-intro-special, the boys have their very first live phone-in and are joined by the wonderful Mistress Lisa Taylor and Matt Bubbles. A jolly good time was…


Episode 44: ‘Gasoline Gary’

Crisis envelopes our three plucky podcasters when due to a timezone cockup of epic proportions occurs, Davian, Kat and Jerry find themselves without a special guest. Luckily the Matt…


Episode 43: ‘A Tray Of Burnt Chips’

Well here we go, Strange Times goes on, much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone. In this thrilling episode of misguided bile and opinions Kat and Davian officially…


Episode 42: ‘No Coach Parties’

In this rough and badly planned beginning of a new era, Kat and Davian are joined by Jerry T’Waht and welcome Susan Wygmans from Toggle The Switch as…


Episode 41: ‘Dwarfs, Darwin and Black Russians’

Joining Kat and Davian this week in this merry car crash of a comedy podcast is the wonderful Mistress Lisa Taylor.


Episode 40: ‘From Out Of Winny Puhh’

Kat and Davian are honoured by the presence of the almighty Eric Furniss of the From Out Of Nowhere podcast. As per usual the boundaries of taste and…


Episode 39: ‘Pole Position’

In this week’s serving of aural nonsense and champagne comedy, Kat and Davian’s special guest is the wonderful Monica Hamburg from the Dazed & Convicted podcast.


Episode 38: ‘Podcast, Interrupted’

Bad connections, naughty children, questionable humour… This epsiode sure has them. Luckily, Kat and Davian are graced with the presence of Thomas and Alba from ‘The Brit and the…


Episode 37: ‘The Doctor’

Kat and Davian are joined in the studio with an old friend of the show, Dr Norman Trousers.


Episode 36: ‘The Lost Prophet’

Kat and Davian are joined in the studio with the podcast world’s answer to Leonard Cohen, Fention O’Ait Hundred.


Episode 35: ‘Frozen Rope’

The chaos continues in this special Children In Need episode as the lads are joined in the studio with Bonn, and the pair proceed to drink the contents…


Episode 34: ‘Obi Bonn Kenobi’

In this ball-bustingly hilarious episode, Davian talks about his pet sanctuary in which he names the animals after celebrities. Bonn rediscovers Bad Yoda and Kat nearly dies from laughing. Better luck…

baby cake 3

Episode 33: ‘Vagina Baby Cake’

Biting satire, clever comedy and engaging entertainers…. These are three things you may find missing from this podcast. Still, Bonn, Kat and Davian do their level best to hold…

Two old men in discussion at bar having a beer-1309194

Episode 32: ‘Two Little Boys’

The tables are turned in this episode when Davian is absent from the recording. Not only that but Bonn & Kat record this show when’s it’s evening in Australia,…


Episode 31: Grand Theft Badger Spunk

In this thrilling episode, Bonn and Kat engage geek overload and talk about GTA 5 whilst Davian decides to comabt his recent illness with that ol’ devil, Tramadol. The…


Episode 30: ‘Bad Yoda’

In their first journey into sobriety since episode #2, our intrepid threesome discover the art of actually talking with each other, as opposed to talking pver each other. News,…

Strange Times - 29 -

Episode 29: ‘Unsuitable For Children’

Davian attempts to raise the bar with the show and introduce better production values. Unfortunately, the silly sod got absolutely wrecked before show time. As to be expected, both…


Episode 28: ‘Reunited’

Bonn ‘Nobbo’ Voyage makes a welcome return to this unholy mess that is Strange Times. Unfortunately Davian thought that it would be a good idea to get drunk before…


Live at Budokan: The Very Best of Strange Times

Messers Dent, Voyage and Sorens present a specially hand-picked collection of the best bits of the first 25 episodes of this unholy mess that is Strange Times.


Episode 27: ‘Half Man Half Soggy Biscuit’

Our hosted are joined again by the man behind  CSI Troutbeck, Nigel ‘Nig’ Boydell. In this specially extended episode, it would appear that our ‘Nig has been drinking heavily, so…


Episode 26: ‘A Division Of Joy’

In this episode of aural filth we find our hosts engaging in a lively debate with Uncle Arthur, a loud, opinionated and certified smashingly good bloke. Unfortunately his techincal…


Episode 25: ‘Minge!’

Technical problems plagued this episode, but luckily enough was salvaged to bring you this glorious quarter century milestone in podcast sillyness… In between the audio drop outs, Kat and…

Strange Times - 24 - Kings of Oblivion

Episode 24: ‘Kings Of Oblivion’

A few bonus surprises bookending this show, in which Kat’s hangover from his scotch-fuelled drinkathon a week back are still very much in the forefront. Not surprising really, given…


Episode 23: ‘A fart in a pissed bath’

The not so dynamic duo return after Davian’s holiday to discuss the news and all the  shitty little things that annoy them. They also have their first audio…


Episode 22: ‘This Ain’t No Holiday’

Okay, so, it’s all gone a bit weird…

this is not a podcast

Episode 21: ‘This is not a podcast’

So, this is not a show, except it kind of is. Following the sudden and relatively sad departure of Bonn ‘Nobbo’ Voyage, Davian and Kat decide to get together for…


Episode 20: ‘Bonn Voyage’

Well, life is a box of chocolates some idiot said once, and they were right. This epsiode bears the sad news that one of the show’s co-founders, Bonn Voyage,…


Episode 19: ‘A Momentary Lapse Of Travis’

In this extended episode ofdrunken wrongness, Bonn, Kat and Davian are joined by the mighty Travis Clark from the Tiny Odd Conversations podcast… Films, music, food and blue waffles…


Episode 18: ‘A Question Of Doodall’

A special extended episode, this… Not only does Bonn return but we are also joined by Angus Doodall from The Royal & Doodall podcast to discuss news and these strange…


Episode 17: ‘The Gay Transformer’

Bonn is missing, although this doesn’t stop Kat and Davian from spewing their dodgy opinions and satirical takes on these strange times that we live in. Don’t forget to…


Episode 16: ‘A Jabs to the head’

Bonn, Kat and Davian discuss their friend Jabs and his particular penchant for whiskey. Other topics include recreating one’s face in the form of a pizza, and another entry…

cyril camus drunk baby

Episode 15: ‘Conn Is A Bunt’

In this shambles of an episode, Bonn joins Davian in the studio, and we witness his slow but steady descent into alcoholic oblivion. Kat and Davian offer their support…

TV_asahi,_M02_Outside_broadcasting_van,_ISUZU_ELF_5th_Gen, (1)

Episode 14: ‘Time Zones & Outside Broadcasting’

Davian experiments with some outside broadcasting equipment, with predictably disasterous results. Kat reads more from “Obo’s Diary” and Bonn gets quite cross.


Episode 13: ‘Smells Like Vinegar’

Is there any end to this drunken rambling? Apparently not. Bonn, Kat and Davian examine the news and give their considered yet increasingly misguided opinions.


Episode 12: ‘Wooden Pegs, part two’

In the second part of the Wooden Peg fiasco, Bonn, Kat and Davian are interrupted by the latter’s wife, who has just returned from the pub. Much merriment…


Episode 11: ‘Wooden Pegs, part one’

In the first part of this two part epic aural catastrophy, the three unwise men debate tackling serious news stories and discuss Bonn and Davian’s first play date.


Episode 10: ‘Fingered Behind the Bike Sheds’

A surprise visit by Obo from the Bonn & Obo Show puts Kat in a playful mood. Davian and Bonn discuss their first date.


Episode 9: ‘The Good, the Bad and the Tramadol’

The three amigos return for another half an hour of mumbling arse piss. Bonn discovers that his impersonation of an old 56K modem is identicial to his preferred method…

Strange Times - 09 - Wuthering Shite

Episode 8: ‘Wuthering Shites’

Davian turns up for the show recording rather the worst for wear, so Bonn and Kat quite rightfully take the piss. Special guest appearances from Cassy and Lady Dent.


Episode 7: ‘Kun Ties’

This week, the lads get rather over excited at the prospect of being featured in the podcast of podcasts, Succotash. Bonn comes to the realisation that he is not…


Episode 6: ‘The Gråtrunka Syndrome’

In this thrilling episode, Kat and Bonn discover the joys of 27b/6, whilst Davian has the hump due to crap recording equipment.


Episode 5: ‘Dog Nobs & Broomsticks’

More waffle from the trio of plebs. The late Princess Diana’s tits make an appearance, as does Bonn’s alcoholism. Davian can’t get his sound board to work.

Strange Times - 04 - Fizzy Baby Chocolate

Episode 4: ‘Fizzy Baby Chocolate’

Bonn, Kat and Davian continue to talk over each other and get confused. Topics covered are hepatitis, chocolate, alcohol and death. I mean really, go and find a more…


Episode 3: ‘Intermission Impossible’

Fuck me sideways, those trio of idiots are back to discuss all the things in life that make no sense, like this podcast, for a start. Grown up…


Episode 2: ‘The Second Coming’

>We are indeed living in strange times, and these three think that the times are getting stranger. Largely random, often funny, sometimes incomprehensible, Strange Times is a meeting of…