Episode 150: ‘Kicking A Dead Squirrel’

Our special guests on this 150th show anniversary episode are three of our favourite comics and podcasters, Monica Hamburg, Travis Clark and Tommy Royal. We discuss online dating,…


Episode 149: ‘The Bristol Stool Chart’

Beardo from top comedy podcast Sweet Feathery Jesus joins Kat and Davian to talk marijuana, podcast editing, which way you wipe when you shit and other random cobblers.


Episode 148: ‘Aural Bukkake’

Ever wondered what happened when the show finishes? Well on this occasion Davian left the tape running to capture it all so put your feet up and listen…


Episode 147: ‘Shit Fuck Bollocks Poo’

Kat almost quits following Davian’s revelation that he once owned a pair of leather cowboy boots. Sam’s having problems with Korean internet and Davian attempts to explain elementary…


Episode 146: ‘Tampax For The People’

Kat, Davian and Bonn go nuts deep as they discuss the perils of snakes, obese people, free health care, cheese rolling, fireworks and tampons.


Episode 145: PodSwap #1 – ‘What A Pair Of Trousers’

In the first of an ongoing and occasional series going under the moniker ‘PodSwap’, the boys from top Australian podcast ‘What A Pair Of Trousers’ take over the…


Episode 144: ‘Pigeon Milk’

In this episode, Sam gets a bit ranty, Davian’s completed his month off booze and they all have a jolly good giggle over pigeon sex and vodka made…


Episode 143: ‘Fuck Off Tiger’

Joining the ship of fools on this show is Eric Furniss from the podcast From Out Of Nowhere. Together they delve into the world of sitcoms, guns, rock…


Episode 142: ‘Sick’

Davian’s stricken with deadly man-flu and Kat is still talking about the Rugby World Cup. Listener Lewis Donald drops in to witness the magic as it happens, he’s…