Episode 291: ‘The Accidental Fiddler’

As well as fighting a losing battle with Kat’s internet connection, we throw verbal daggers at bastard politicians, Alex Jones and other idiots. Special guests: Dom Risk and…

Episode 290: ‘A Right Fackin Cud’

In this feast of audio enlightenment we talk about malicious internet bastards, enjoyment in employment, parenting on the cheap and Valentine’s Day. Special guests: Hannah Woodhall, Dom Risk…

Episode 289: ‘Will All Anti-Vaxxers Kindly Fuck Off’

In this slice of not-so-elegant chaos we have a jolly good laugh at those stupid ignorant twats known as anti-vaxxers. Other things tackled with words from our mouths…

Episode 288: ‘Careful With That Thumb, Eugene’

Vomit, holidays, sickness, breasts, dodgy outside broadcasts from Pablo and more of your stupid bloody questions.

Episode 287: ‘Club Ajax’

Kat’s on a well-earned holiday so Davian calls in Gatford and Pablo to help him tackle the stupid so you don’t have to. It’s a rather jolly affair…

Episode 286: ‘So Long, and Thanks for All the Pish’

In this aural equivalent of getting fingerbanged by an elephant we discuss parenting, Mein Kamp, Bandersnatch, Kat’s broken hand, crap word-play, and the departure of Sam.

Episode 285: ‘Stuff The Turkey’

In this festive serving of audio bukkake, Davian and Kat discuss death, alcohol, politics, language, babysitting and WHERE THE HELL IS SAM??!

Episode 284: ‘Mr Whippy’

Davian is having problems with the contents of his wallet vanishing, Sam’s celebrating Pepero Day and Kat is obsessed with the art of gargoyling.

Episode 283: ‘So Long And Thanks For All The Poutine’

Davian has a chat with the wonderful Monica Hamburg about booze, blues, depression, dreams, being young and the life of a comic. Special guests are background hiss and…