Episode 186: ‘Well Hung’

Charlie wants to hang himself but doesn’t know who Ian Curtis is (or was). It’s a laugh a fucking minute on this show, right kids?


Episode 185: ‘Reffyendum’

Davian thinks he’s pregnant, Sam is scared of clowns and Kat hates everybody and everything.


Episode 184: ‘In The Dog House’

Chaos reigns supreme so Davian decides to eat loads of cake and prescription meds whilst Kat, Jerry and Sam have a chat with Scott Taylor from the Doghouse…


Episode 183: ‘Glory Box’

Sam chats about her misophonia and we discuss the first time we broke the law. Betty calls in and starts up a sex line phone-in.


Episode 182: ‘Dad Jokes’

An unusually chaotic episode as Jerry T’Waht pops in to chat with the gang. Betty Smudge turns up late, the clatty bint, and everyone tells their best ‘Dad’…


Episode 181: ‘Rodents’

Davian has a brief but candid chat about depression, Sam got bitten by a mosquito and we all do our best explosion sounds. Special guests are Betty Smudge…


Episode 180: ‘Sex For Chips’

Chaos reigns supreme in this episode as the gang talk at war, late trains and popping candy in the vagina. Special guest this week is Betty Smudge..


Episode 179: ‘Touch and Go’

Davian’s away and has left the show in the capable hands of Bonn, Kat and Sam. They discuss death, stabbing, puberty and scary films.


Episode 178: ‘Random but Rigid’

A nice random episode for you to love and cherish like that stillborn baby you still keep in the freezer.