Episode 136: ‘Sober’

Davian’s gone cold turkey sober for charity, the idiot. Kat meanwhile is very supportive, and when we say supportive we mean he takes the piss relentlessly.


Episode 135: ‘Still Playing Pong’

Exposed under the spotlight this week are kid’s teeth, bad parents, the rugby world cup, silly children’s names and loads of other shite.


Episode 134: ‘Beaver Trimmings’

The four podcasters of the apocalypse bring you their own sideways slant on the world, especially when it comes to Facebook “politcal posting”, and pubes.


Episode 133: ‘Strange Fruit’

Whilst Davian is away at “London Podup 3”, a very drunk Kat and Sam attempt to host the show with a very stoned Charlie, with equally messy and…


Episode 132: ‘Ten Thousand Dongs’

Lost iPad blues, crap part-time teachers, religious idiots and armadillos all have the burning torch of satire and discussion shoved in their faces in this episode. Special guess…

Strange Times - 131

Episode 131: ‘Cock Painting’

Davian struggles with sobriety and dodgy stories in the news whilst Kat is attempting to sell paintings to raise money for extra cash. Special guest is Bonn Voyage.


Episode 130: ‘Beaten With A Duck’

Sex! Lies! Rock & Roll! Drunk hosts! All of these things and more you will have to sustain you through this cavalcade of bad audio wrong.


Episode 129: ‘The King Is Dead, Long Live The King’

In this action packed episode, Davian is away so Kat and Sam have a guest co-host in the form of a certain Rob Phillips, who bears a striking…


Episode 128: ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Podcasting, part three’

All good things must come to an end, and so must crap things as well. Is this good, crap, or undiscovered comedy genius? Fuck knows, but why not…