Episode 180: ‘Sex For Chips’

Chaos reigns supreme in this episode as the gang talk at war, late trains and popping candy in the vagina. Special guest this week is Betty Smudge..


Episode 179: ‘Touch and Go’

Davian’s away and has left the show in the capable hands of Bonn, Kat and Sam. They discuss death, stabbing, puberty and scary films.


Episode 178: ‘Random but Rigid’

A nice random episode for you to love and cherish like that stillborn baby you still keep in the freezer.


Episode 177: ‘Massive Tampon’

Davian returns from his holiday to find that none of the team have bothered to record any content in his absence. They talk about BBQs and whether it…


Episode 176: ‘Visible Panty Nips’

More fun and frolics from the gang as this week they cover dressing up animals, Princess Di and dodgy Korean bus drivers. Special guest this week is the…


Episode 175: ‘Midget Racing’

Booze from Davian’s favourite podcast Sweet Feathery Jesus joins the team on this show to talk about prostate tickling, foot-long turds, ebay wankers and which 70s celeb we’d…


Episode 174: ‘Dick Varnish’

Back by something approaching popular demand, Travis Clark and Ed Wallick join the gang to discuss all manner of nonsense including bowel movements, Japanese game shows and blind…


Episode 173: ‘Hot Sauce’

Joining the gang this week is top stand-up comedian and podcaster Travis Clark. We talk about stuff, films, jury duty, alternative careers for rock n roll stars and…


Episode 172: ‘Audio Sausage’

Keeping it dense on this episode of audio carnage the gang tackle Trump, sexism and eating dogs.