A weekly satrical comedy podcast, featuring Davian Dent, Kat Sorens and Jerry T'Waht.


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Episode 51: ‘Shiny Dick’

In this marathon episode of hilarity and apocrypha, we find out how Davian broke his ribs. Will Kat and Jerry offer sympathy and condolences? Will they fuck.

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Episode 50: ‘An unholy foursome’

Our intrepid podcasters finally manage to get their 50th show special recorded, and are joined in the studio by ex co-host Bonn Voyage. It gets rather messy, but the that is really no surprise now,…

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Episode 47: ‘Mahatma Leek’

Jerry, Kat and Davian return with another helping of ill-advised opinion and politcally incorrect banter. There are no taboos and the lines of taste and decency are fairly blurred so please, listener discretion is most…

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Episode 46: ‘Sucking Up Cotton’

Chaos abounds in this latest outing for the likely lads… Jerry gets very cross about fools on Twitter and the show gets pleasantly interupted not only by Cassandra and Tara from The Most Popular Girls…

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Episode 45: ‘Spazzy Cleric ’

In this super extended-intro-special, the boys have their very first live phone-in and are joined by the wonderful Mistress Lisa Taylor and Matt Bubbles. A jolly good time was had by all, mostly. Direct download link: #45:…

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Episode 44: ‘Gasoline Gary’

Crisis envelopes our three plucky podcasters when due to a timezone cockup of epic proportions occurs, Davian, Kat and Jerry find themselves without a special guest. Luckily the Matt Bubbles was on hand to help them…

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