Episode 279: ‘Sick’

The terrible trio are back to hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du. We discuss illness, floods, jizz and Brexit. Loads of fun! And don’t forget, kids –…

Episode 278: ‘Advertisement’

This episode was brought to you by the word ‘flange’. We’ve not done a PROPER one in a while because of THINGS so here’s another late night Friday…

Episode 277: ‘AYDS’

Samantha is ill so Davian and Kat are manning the helm on this episode of pure unadulterated joy. Special guest appearance by Ed Wallick with a letter from…

Episode 276: ‘Zero Gravity Points’

Chaos. No words to describe the audio bukkake on this episode other than COMPLETE CHAOS. Let’s face it though, you love it.

Episode 275: ‘Not Even A Proper One’

Davian presents another late night edition with some right proper geezers, namely Booze, Pablo, Hannah and (briefly) Belasco.

Episode 274: ‘All Apologies’

This, dear listener, is a massive mess… LIFE and TECHNOLOGY conspired against EVERYONE, and all that is left is the audio equivalent of well I don’t know what,…

Episode 273: ‘Baby Shark’

Davian’s hungover and can’t stop picking his nose. Sam’s smitten with Baby Shark and Kat has a head like a fucking potato. An extraordinarily sexy potato, mind.

Episode 272: ‘Eat The Big Finger’

Despite it NOT BEING A PROPER EPISODE, Davian and Hannah ‘Han-Hans’ chat about books, hair, bums, pubes, TV, minges, things, balls and stuff n shit.

Episode 271: ‘Space Shit’

The gang get annoyed with the new Skype client and Kat’s internet connection has gone tits up and Sam has discovered “Iced Wine”. It’s wine with ice in,…