Episode 206: ‘Surprise Popcorn’

Kat, Davian and Sam talk about roller discos, artisan products, weddings and cinema popcorn, amongst other things. That bloody Kyle from Reclaimed Radio calls in again. Oh, and…

Episode 205: ‘Docking’

Kat and Davian talk about what really gives them the shits, Star Wars Rogue One, roast potatoes and pies in space. Special guest: Kyle from Reclaimed Radio.

Episode 204: ‘Up The Chimney’

In this unholy mess we chat drugs, celebrity deaths, dog shit, cups of tea, coffee and stuff. Special guests: Booze from Sweet Feathery Jesus.

Episode 203: ‘Strange Feathery Times’

In this wonderful mashup of words and minds, Davian and Kat are joined by Kyle from Reclaimed Radio to talk about eBay wankers, Etch-a-Sketch, cats, vegan cheese, Amazon…

Episode 202: ‘All The Sex’

Katherine Boyle and Matt Bubbles join Davian to chat about snogging, death, social pet hates and genitals.

Episode 201: ‘The Dislocated Arse’

We talk poo, computer bastards, space dust and Kyle Rickards calls in..!

Episode 200: ‘Now That’s What I Call Strange Times’

In this, our 200th official episode of Strange Times..! We talk drugs, podcasting, getting the horn and stuff. Lot’s of stuff. Special guests on this magical episode are…

Episode 199: ‘Dating Videos’

The gang attempt to record some dating videos, despite being in varying states of alcoholic disrepair. They also talk about dodgy Japanese porn.

Episode 198: ‘Halloween Spunk’

Well, we mention Halloween briefly before the show starts. Davian gets confused with virtual reality, listener Mark Burrows gets confused by modern mobile phones whilst Samantha and Kat…